It would be an understatement to say that we have undergone some changes in the past few months. A year ago, summer of 2011, we were in Stratford, Canada. In addition to my duties as director of music for the Stratford Shakespeare Festival,  I was playing and conducting Jesus Christ Superstar as well as conducting Gary Griffin’s lovely production of Camelot. Michele was playing concertmaster for Camelot and life was pretty good. But with the overwhelming response to JCS, plans were put into motion to export that production.

The first step was to get Andrew Lloyd Webber onboard. We only had the rights to perform JCS in Stratford and Lord Webber is notoriously, and understandably, protective of his shows. For us to have any shot at taking the show elsewhere it was critical that he like it. He flew in to see the show shortly after we opened and said, amongst other accolades, that it was the production he had always wanted and we must take it to New York. He then went on TV shows, such as Piers Morgan, claiming our production to be the best acted production, that we got the music right, etc., etc. Shortly thereafter Tim Rice flew in to see the show and was equally enthusiastic. What followed, behind closed doors, was a fairly intricate negotiation process to secure a Broadway producer and a Broadway theatre, the “biz” part of show biz that we gratefully leave to the movers and shakers behind the scenes. At the same time plans were put in place to take the production to the La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego, California, prior to our still hypothetical Broadway opening. The company was ecstatic. We had about 10 day off after our show closed in early Nov., while the set travelled to California, and in mid November we reassembled in California to begin the second chapter of our JCS adventure. In future posts I will go into a little more detail regarding the Stratford and La Jolla runs as well as bringing things up to present.


  1. Rick,
    Great new website! I’m loving it! looks very professional. Best of luck in the up coming year to Michelle and Yourself!

    • Thanks for dropping by my site Max. Good to hear from you!

  2. Hmmm, nice!! I am so happy for you and Michele making your way in NYC!! Who on earth could have foreseen that last year, when we were doing JCS and Camelot? Anyway, congrats on a great year and I wish you many happy successes in the future! Totally awesome website, too!
    Dale Anne

  3. Love the site. Love the read. Nice to be able to follow you guys on your adventures

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