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Jesus Christ Superstar at the Tonys 2012




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We Will Rock You – Toronto 2007




Cyrano Recording Sessions

– Inception Sound, Toronto, 2003








Antarctica Part One _ En Route

These pictures are from an extraordinary trip we made to Antarctica in Dec.’08-Jan.’09. We left from Christchurch New Zealand a few days before Christmas aboard the Bremen, a 115 meter expedition cruise ship. That is very small for a cruise ship. There were scientists onboard who helped us to understand what we were seeing. On the way south to Antarctica and on our way back north we stopped at five Sub Antarctic islands, Antipodes, Bounty, Campbell and on the way back, Macquarie and Snares. These islands, or in some cases, groups of islands appear as mere specks in the Southern Ocean on any map. They are uninhabited and provide nesting grounds for a variety of seals, penguins, and birds including the Giant Albatross, the bird with the largest wingspan on the planet (10′). A couple of the larger islands did have transient whaling stations back in the mid 1800s but they are long gone and nature has all but erased any evidence of their ever being there. The smaller islands such as Bounty, Antipodes and Snares, we did not even land on. Instead we poked around in zodiacs, getting close to the animals without disturbing them, we hope. Many of the animals were nesting, including the Giant Albatross who only come ashore once a year to breed. They spend the rest of their time at sea. These islands are off the beaten track and are not part of any regular tourist route. In fact we saw no other boats (apart from the boats at an Antarctica French science station) for the four weeks we were living aboard the Bremen.


Antarctica – Part 2



Jack’s Lake

In 1990, while conducting Phantom of the Opera in Toronto, I bought a cottage on Jack’s Lake, a gorgeous east Kawartha lake, two hours northeast of Toronto. It is on a ten acre island, near the point of the island so there is water on three sides and much privacy. The cottage faces west with a spectacular view, hence the large number of sunset photos. But we also have a dock and a boathouse/bunky facing east. There are a few sunrise pics here as well. This is a very random, non chronological sampling of the millions of pictures taken there over the years. Apart from marrying Michele, it is the smartest thing I have ever done.

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