The Chat Room

The Chat Room

A few years ago my brother Michael, who lives in Stratford, got himself a little column in the local paper. He called it The Chat Room. It was quite a nice thing for him to have. It gave him an outlet for writing and it also gave him a forum for getting his opinions on a variety of matters out into the public. He really enjoyed it. Well, with this little blog function I now have my own version of his column. A place to ramble a bit. Which is funny because I am almost completely silent on facebook. Once in a while I will crack wise about someone’s post, or comment, or photo. But mostly I am mute. And yet I have never been short of opinions. No one in our family is short of opinions! So we’ll see where this goes. The big difference between what my brother did and what this is, is that he actually had readers. It was, after all, published in the local daily paper. But I’m really not concerned with how many people actually read this. It is the exercise that counts.


  1. Nice! I think you should have used the head shot where you’re holding a cell phone the size of a mailbox. That’s my fave. Congrats on the web site.

  2. A most impressive site, my friend – but none of your pals would be surprised by the fact. Every challenge you’ve tackled (throughout your career) has, ultimately, been rendered classy, stylish – and successful.

    Congrats on this wonderful new venture, Rick – and may your new life in NYC prove both thrilling and gratifying!
    You (and your equally brilliant wife, Michele) have left the Canadian music theatre community a better place.

    Blessings and light – as ever, Marek

  3. Well done, Rick! The site has all the facts fit to print and the site is user friendly. Of course, your list of credits and accomplishments doesn’t hurt! I’m sure this site will prove to be a powerful tool in establishing life and work in New York.

    Hope to see you sooner than later,


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