Welcome to my humble website. Originally from Toronto Canada, I am a New York based musical director, conductor, arranger, orchestrator, composer and pianist. With over 30 years of experience in the music business, much of that spent in the theatre, I have also spent a fair bit of time in recording studios, producing CDs, as well as TV soundtracks, jingles, etc.

I am comfortable conducting large orchestras but really love small intimate settings, accompanying singers on piano, etc. I actually started out as a jazz pianist and still play jazz any chance I get. I also enjoy arranging, orchestrating and composing. My beautiful wife, Michele Fox, is an accomplished violinist with a very impressive resume of her own.
I’m hoping this website gives an overview of what I have been up to and what I hope to get up to in the future. In addition to bio, resume, music and video clips, I have included a fair number of photography galleries. Some of these are work-related, some are of friends and families. But some of them are about travel. I hope you will check them out, in particular the pics from an extraordinary trip to Antarctica that I took with Michele. “What’s New” is what I guess one would call a blog. Random posts about our life, what we’re up to, future projects, that sort of thing. I’ll try to keep that current. And, of course, feel free to contact me anytime. Cheers.

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